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Finite Time

via Daily Prompt: Finite

Prior to having my son, life seemed to move along at a very slow and measured pace. Work weeks were punctuated by short weekends filled with much downtime and relaxation where my husband and I could catch our breathe and recharge our batteries. Now that I have a 16 month old, I have noticed time has sped up since having him. I have no idea where the 16 months have gone. He has grown so much and so quickly but being so busy with him means that our time flies by before we even realize it.

Juggling being a working couple with taking care of our son in the most hands-on way we can achieve with the fact that he is in daycare 50 hours a week, is demanding, challenging and exhausting. However, it is work every moment. It is so important to both of us to ensure that even though life is so extremely busy at this point that we prioritize spending quality time with our son because these years will go by so quickly that if we do not intentionally dedicate time to him, that we will miss it.

Never before have I felt the march of time so quickly and so finitely. I am aware every day that my son will be a toddler for only a short time, he will only be this young today.  After today, he will only get older. He will only continue his march on to growing into a, hopefully, independent adult who will move out and move on with his life.

Realizing this, two things have become very important to me:

  1. I want to dedicate every moment I can to my son’s development and growth and hold on to all those memories as tight as I can.
  2. Ensure that my relationship with my husband is tended to and nurtured because one day, it will be only the 2 of us again and when that day comes I still want to have a wonderful relationship with my husband.

I am so grateful to have these moments and to be fully aware of the value of this season of my life. A memory popped up in my Facebook feed today from a year ago when my son was 4 months old that mentioned how I was in the happiest season of my life. How true those thoughts were and remain. I am grateful to have these experiences in my life and will appreciate them as long as they are here, then try to gracefully let them go when the time is right.

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