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Keep on Keeping On

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In my last post, I mentioned that I would go into details around how we chose a simple life to continue the thoughts that were started in that post. We have chosen to live a simple life that involves and acknowledges that technology and human advances are not always a bad thing. Our version of the simple life is more of a middle road than the usual extreme version of returning to the land, the old ways and rejection of the progress we have made as a civilization in the last 100 years.


We do not homestead, instead we reduce the amount of time we spend focused on acquiring the food that replenishes us. We DO spend a lot of time preparing and enjoying the food together as a family. Our home was chosen because the kitchen is the heart of it. We recently relocated our small dining room table to our kitchen so that we could enjoy family meals with our 16 month old son on easy to clean tile while we repurposed the dining room as his playroom replenish with a plush carpet to cushion his bumps. This has allowed us to feel more comfortable in our own home, despite it not looking like the house it was designed to be.


Making our home functional for us is part of our simple life. We have also commitTed ourselves to wanting to stay in the house for the rset of our lives. That commitment has helped simplify how we make decisions around lifestyle, careers, saving for retirement,  building relationships and cultivating a feeling of community where we live.


What decisions have you made that represent a modern twist of the idea of the simple life?

One thought on “Keep on Keeping On

  1. There are just so many ways to execute a simple life – each to their own methods I say. Seems like you are on a journey now too and there will be many realisations along the way. Be happy to change your mind about things here and there as life unfolds. Phil


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